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Mousehunt Traps Comparison Essay

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This article contains information on features which have been removed from MouseHunt. It is kept here for historical purposes only, and may no longer be accurate or relevant to current gameplay.

The purpose of the article is out of date: the developers have since allowed to link directly to images on MH servers. Please use {{MHdomain}} template in such links. The article is kept here for historical purposes, and to provide backup to special image versions (i.e. mice costumed for an event) or higher-res image versions that are no longer available in the game.

The Image Links article is meant as a central holding area for all important image links that are used in the various other articles all over the MH Wiki. It is split into sections as laid out below. In general, 2 image links should be maintained for each item. The first image link will be the MouseHunt server links, and the second image link will be of the same image stored on an external site. In cases whereby no server images exist (ie mice, traps), 2 images should be stored on an external site, and they should not belong to the same account.

This article serves the following purposes: The Developers have requested that all image links on the MH Wiki to not link back to the game servers. Because of this, editors need to maintain external links to the images. However, this is not an entirely reliable method due to sites going down or editors moving on to other things, hence the need to maintain double links in order to ensure continuity in case one of the links go down.

Main points to note:

  • MH server images are not to be included in any other article page.
  • Images should be of the highest resolution available. Make sure that external sites do not downsize the image.
  • Image naming convention will be laid out in the individual sections.
  • Where to place the image links will be mentioned for each section. In general, any image link should never be included in anything other than the sole main article.
  • Some image groups might have a standardized format, please follow accordingly.
  • Items that are available at a vendor will have higher resolution images available as compared to loot items found only in the inventory.

Image naming is primarily for housekeeping purposes, to make it easier for other editors to go through the images. However, as there is obviously no difference visually regardless of filenames, previously uploaded links do not need to be brought in line unless editors have the time. However, all future image uploads are encouraged to follow the naming convention.


Images of all cheese found in-game, split into standard and special cheese, as per the Cheese article.

  • Naming convention: Filenames should follow server names, typically 'wedge_xxxxx.png'.
  • Image resolution: Higher image resolutions can be found in the Cheese Shoppe link of any location in a region, even if there isn't one in that location.

Cheese#Cheese (Standard)

Includes all basic cheese and SUPER|brie+.

  • Image location: Links should be located in the Image subsection of the Standard Cheese section here.

Cheese#Cheese (Special)

Covers all other cheese not listed as standard cheese.

  • Image location: Links should be located in the Image section of the special cheese section here.


Trap images are only available as a complete image through player profiles, thus no server image links are available. Dual external links are needed for these images. Further discussion is needed to determine which file extension to use.


Includes all Bases. At the moment, the images have been standardized without any weapons on top, but it is uncertain if that is the original resolution available from the game due to the weapon having been cropped away. Further standardization will be discussed when the full article is introduced.

  • Naming convention: Full name of the base should be used, ie Wooden_Base_with_Target.
  • Image resolution: Full resolution image can be retrieved by using the 'Enlarge Trap Image' link on the top left corner of the Camp page here.
  • Image location: Links should be located in the individual Base article as listed under the Item Name column.


Includes all weapons. There is currently no standardized format for the images. Standardization will be discussed when the full article is introduced.

  • Naming convention: Full weapon name (except for ACRONYM), including the base used, ie Ambrosial_Portal+Stone_Base.
  • Image resolution: Full resolution image can be retrieved by using the 'Enlarge Trap Image' link on the top left corner of the Camp page here. Image size is 750px x 750px, in .png format. (.PNG as identified by Firefox)
  • Image location: Links should be located in the individual Weapon article as listed under the Item Name column.

Trap Skins

The links to trap skin images are placed here as there are no direct links to them on the MouseHunt servers.


Full color mice images are only available to players once they have caught a mouse, and there are no direct server links for either the shaded or unshaded images. Dual external links are needed for these images. Images must be of full resolution. However, the in-game links do not contain a file extension. Further discussion is needed to decide on the correct file extension to be used.

  • Naming convention: Full mice name, ie Wicked_Witch_of_Whisker_Woods_Mouse.png
  • Image resolution: Full resolution image can be retrieved by using the 'All Mice' tab and clicking on the respective mini portrait, and again when on the mouse info page. Special images can only be obtained during a particular event, so it is especially important to make sure it is stored. Image size is 700px x 1050px, in .png format for older images, and in .jpg for more recent images (as identified by Firefox). Some older images can also be found in 700px x 875px size.
  • Image location: Links should be located in the individual Mice article as listed under the Mouse Name column.

Mice Original Images

Includes standard portrait images for a mouse.

Mouse Name External link 1 External link 2 Standardized?
Abominable Snow Mouse[277][278] .png
Acolyte Mouse[279] [] Wrong dimension, .jpg
Aged Mouse[280] [] .jpg
Alchemist Mouse[281] [] .jpg
Alnilam Mouse[282] [] .jpg
Alnitak Mouse[283] [] .jpg
Archer Mouse[284] [] .png
Assassin Mouse[285] [] .png
Bat Mouse[286] [] .png
Bear Mouse[287] [] .jpg
Beast Tamer Mouse[288] [] .jpg
Bionic Mouse[289] [] .png
Birthday Mouse[290] [] .jpg
Black Widow Mouse[291] [] .png
Bottled Mouse[292] [] .jpg
Briegull Mouse[293] [] .jpg
Brimstone Mouse[294] [] .jpg
Brown Mouse[295] [] .png
Buccaneer Mouse[296] [] .jpg
Burglar Mouse[297] [] .png
Captain Mouse[298] [] .jpg
Caretaker Mouse[299] [] .jpg
Centaur Mouse[300] [] .jpg
Chameleon Mouse[301] [] .jpg
Champion Mouse[302] [] .jpg
Chitinous Mouse[303] [] .jpg
Conjurer Mouse[304] [] .jpg
Conqueror Mouse[305] [] .jpg
Cook Mouse[306] [] .jpg
Costumed Tiger[307] [] .jpg
Cupid Mouse[308] [] .jpg
Cyclops Mouse[309] [] .jpg
Davy Jones Mouse[310] [] .jpg
Defender Mouse[311] [] .jpg
Derr Chieftain Mouse[312] [] .jpg
Derr Lich Mouse[313] [] .jpg
Diamond Mouse[314] [] .png
Dojo Sensei[315] [] .jpg
Draconic Warden Mouse[316] [] .jpg
Dragon Mouse[317] [] .jpg
Dumpling Chef[318] [] .jpg
Dwarf Mouse[319] [] Wrong extension, .png
Eagle Owl Mouse[320] [] .jpg
Elder Mouse[321] [] .jpg
Elf Mouse[322] [] .png
Elub Chieftain Mouse[323] [] .jpg
Elub Lich Mouse[324] [] .jpg
Elven Princess Mouse[325] [] .jpg
Enslaved Spirit Mouse[326] [] .jpg
Fairy Mouse[327] [] .jpg
Fetid Swamp Mouse[328] [] .jpg
Finder Mouse[329] [] .jpg
Foxy Mouse[330] [] .jpg
Frog Mouse[331] [] .jpg
Frosty Snow Mouse[332] [] .jpg
Frozen Mouse[333] [] .jpg
Gargoyle Mouse[334] [] .jpg
Gate Guardian Mouse[335] [] .jpg
Ghost Mouse[336] [] Wrong extension, .png
Giant Snail Mouse[337] [] .jpg
Glitchpaw Mouse[338] [] .jpg
Gladiator Mouse[339] [] .jpg
Goblin Mouse[340] [] .jpg
Gold Mouse[341] [] Wrong extension, .png
Golem Mouse[342] [] .jpg
Gorgon Mouse[343][344] .jpg
Grandfather Mouse[345] [] .jpg
Granite Mouse[346] [] Wrong extension, .png
Grey Mouse[347] [] .png
Grunt Mouse[348] [] .jpg
Guardian Mouse[349] [] .jpg
Hapless Mouse[350][351] No extension, .png
Harpy Mouse[352] [] .jpg
Healer Mouse[353] [] .jpg
Hollowhead Mouse[354] [] .png
Hydra Mouse[355] [] .jpg
Jurassic Mouse[356] [] .jpg
Keeper Mouse[357] [] .jpg
Keeper's Assistant Mouse[358] [] .jpg
Kung Fu Mouse[359][360] No extension, .png
Leprechaun Mouse[361] [] .jpg
Leviathan Mouse[362] [] .jpg
Lich Mouse[363] [] .jpg
Lycan Mouse[364][365] No extension, .png
Magma Carrier Mouse[366] [] .jpg
Master Burglar Mouse[367][368] .png
Master of the Cheese Belt Mouse[369][370] No extension, .png
Master of the Cheese Claw Mouse[371][372] No extension, .png
Master of the Cheese Fang Mouse[373][374] No extension, .png
Master of the Dojo Mouse[375][376] No extension, .png
Mermouse[377] [] .jpg
Mintaka Mouse[378] [] .jpg
Mobster Mouse[379] [] .jpg
Mole Mouse[380][381] No extension, .png
Monk Mouse[382][383] No extension, .png
Monster Mouse[384] [] No extension, .png
Moosker Mouse[385] [] .jpg
Mummy Mouse[386][387] No extension, .png
Mutated Grey Mouse[388][389] No extension, .png
Mutated White Mouse[390][391] No extension, .png
Mystic Mouse[392] [] .jpg
Narrator Mouse[393] [] .jpg
Nerg Chieftain Mouse[394] [] .jpg

Everything that‘s Limited Edition (LE) will never come back. If you don‘t get it during the time it is available, you will never be able to get it again. Limited Edition items are released during certain Events. The most important of these Events is the periodic visit of the flying merchant, Ronza, who visits the Kingdom of Gnawnia in regular yet unforeseeable intervals. She’s usually out searching the world for strong traps, bases, and charms. And when she comes, she opens her shop for a few days and sells to hunters who are lucky enough to be around and can pay her often incredibly high prices. After a short while, she‘s gone again and people might have to wait an entire year or longer for her to return. Don‘t ask when Ronza‘s next visit will be. Nobody knows, probably not even the Devs themselves. (Well, that is until they decide on a date, of course.)

If you arm an LE trap and/or base, an LE emblem will appear in your setup window.

Usually, no LE trap is better than the top trap of its particular power type. So there‘s no reason to feel cheated. Sure, LE stuff can be tremendously helpful for lower ranks, but in the end the playing field is leveled.

Here‘s a rough estimate of how good the best LE stuff is compared to non-LE traps and bases. Depending on certain situations, these estimates can sometimes vary.
The symbol ≈ means that the two traps/bases left and right of it are more or less equal in their abilities to catch mice, the symbol > means that the trap/base to the left is superior to the one to the right of the symbol.

Minotaur Base > Clockwork Base* > Fissure Base > Rift Base ≈ Tidal Base ≈ Refined Pollutinum Base ≈ Attuned Enerchi Induction Base ≈ Depth Charge Base (LE) > Golden Tourney Base ≈ […something] Jade Base (LE) ≈ Magma Base (LE) ≈ Eerier Base ≈ Labyrinth Base > 20.. New Year’s Base (LE) ≈ Papyrus Base ≈ Molten Shrapnel Base ≈ Spellbook Base > Eerie Base

* Clockwork Base is the best option for Rift, combined with Riftstalker Codex it can beat out the Mino Base.
** Washboard gets a boost at the Toxic Spill.
** Physical Brace can beat several bases when paired with a Physical type trap.

Arcane: New Horizon Trap (LE) > Infinite Winter Horizon Trap** (LE) > Event Horizon Trap > Chrome Grand Arcanum Trap** > Droid Archmagus Trap ≈ Grand Arcanum Trap > Chrome A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. (LE) > Arcane Blast Trap (LE) ≈ A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. ≈ Nutcracker Nuisance Trap (LE)

** The difference in catch rate between Chrome Grand Arcanum, Droid Archmagus, and Grand Arcanum is minimal.
** Same for New Horizon and Infinite Winter Horizon.

Hydro: School of Sharks > Rune Shark Trap ≈ (Chrome) Phantasmic Oasis Trap > (Chrome) Oasis Water Node Trap > Holiday Hydro Hailstone Trap (LE) ≈ Glacier Gatler (LE) ≈ Steam Laser Mk. III > Steam Laser Mk I. ≈ SUPER Scum Scrubber ≈ Double Diamond Adventure (LE) ≈ Kraken Chaos (LE) ≈ Bubbles: The Party Crasher Trap (LE)** > Heat Bath > Ancient Spear Gun ≈ Ice Blaster (LE) ≈ Scum Scrubber > Isles Idol Hydroplane (LE)

** Bubbles is tough to categorise, because lots of power but pretty low on luck. Depending on setup and hunting ground the results may vary.

Physical: Chrome MonstroBot > Sandstorm MonstroBot > Sandtail Sentinel > Rocket Propelled Gravel Trap (LE) > Chrome RhinoBot (LE) > New Year’s Fireworks Trap (LE) ≈ Chrome Onyx Mallet (LE) ≈ Chrome Drillbot (LE) > Enraged Rhinobot ≈ Chrome DeathBot (LE) ≈ Warden Slayer Trap (LE)** > Isles Idol Trap (LE) ≈ Rhinobot

** Can beat several stronger traps in Wave 4 in Fiery Warpath.

Shadow: Chrome Temporal Turbine > Temporal Turbine > Goldfrost Crossbow Trap (LE) > Interdimensional Crossbow Trap ≈ Clockwork Portal > Reaper‘s Perch > Sandcastle Shard Trap (LE) ≈ Maniacal Brain Extractor (LE) > Dreaded Totem Trap (LE)** ≈ Terrifying Spider Trap (LE) > Clockapult of Time ≈ Candy Crusher Trap (LE) ≈ Cackle Lantern Trap (LE) ≈ Soul Harvester (LE) > Gorgon Trap

** Best choice for Jungle of Dread.

Tactical: Chrome Sphynx Wrath > Sphynx Wrath > Dimensional Chest Trap ≈ Zugzwang’s Ultimate Move (LE) > Rewers Riposte (LE) ≈ 2010 Blastoff Trap (LE) ≈ 2012 Big Boom Trap (LE) > Veiled Vine Trap (LE) > Zugzwang‘s First Move > Horrific Venus Mouse Trap ≈ Isles Idol Stakeshooter (LE) ≈ Chesla’s Revenge**

** Chesla’s Revenge is tough to categorise, because lots of power but pretty low on luck. Depending on setup and hunting ground the results may vary.

Forgotten: Infinite Labyrinth Trap > Endless Labyrinth Trap > Festive Forgotten Fir Trap (LE) > Crystal Crucible Trap > Crystal Mineral Crusher Trap (LE) > Stale Cupcake Golem Trap (LE) ≈ Tarannosaurus Rex Trap (LE) > Forgotten Art of Dance > Ancient Box Trap > Forgotten Pressure Plate Trap

Law: Meteor Prison Core Trap > Christmas Cactus Trap (LE) > The Law Draw (LE) ≈ Law Laser Trap (LE) > 3 Train Traps > S.L.A.C. II (unless paired with region specific base and charms)

Draconic: Storm Wrought Ballista Trap > Dragonvine Ballista Trap > Dragon Lance (LE) ≈ Harrowing Holiday Harpoon Harp (LE) > Ice Maiden

Rift: Timesplit Dissonance Weapon > M.Y.N.O.R.C.A. > Christmas Crystalabra Trap (LE) > Biomolecular Re-atomizer Trap (LE) ≈ Focused Crystal Laser ≈ Multi-Crystal Laser > Crystal Tower


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