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Resistivity Of Nichrome Coursework

Restistance Of Nichrome Wire Essay

Investigating the resistance of Nichrome wire.


In this investigation, I am going to be invstigating how the length of Nichrome wire affects the resistance that is applied.


In 1826, Georg Ohm discovered that the current flowing through a metal wire is proportional to the potentail difference across it, it basically means if you double the potential difference you double the current. The thin wire in a lamp tends to resist the movement of electrons in it, this means that the wire has a certain resistance to the current. The greater the resistance, the more voltage is needed to push a current through the wire, the resistance of a wire is calculated by:

Resistance, R= p.d across the wire(V) /current through the wire(I)

Their are four factors affecting resistance they are:

1) As the length increases, the resistance increases

2) As cross-sectional area increases, the resistance decreases

3) Copper is a good conductor

4) As temperature increases, the resistance of a wire increases

Using the information above I will be able to get an idea what my results would look like after I do the experiment. I think that 'As the length of the wire increases so does the resistance', one of the four factors that affect resistance of wire is as the length increases, the resistance increases, this show that my prediction may be right.


Below are the apparatus that I will be using:

1)Nichrome Wire

2)Cell: Power supply

3)Variable Resistor: To fine tune the voltage

4)Voltmeter: To measure the...

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