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Was The French Revolution A Success Essay

French Revolution Essay

The French Revolution was an event of great importance in the world history. It pursued certain goals and even achieved some of them. Its ideas have got development all over the world and influenced further events in the human history.

However, the question is: was the French revolution successful? It’s necessary to outline the main goals, achievements and failures of the revolution in order to answer this question. Right now you will get acquainted with the custom written essay from our writer of historical essays. Enjoy!

There was absolute monarchy reigning in France in the XVIII century. The power was concentrated in hands of the First and Second Estate, while the Third Estate did not have enough influence to participate in governing the country. Such a situation led to the discontent of middle, lower and working class that wanted to be heard. Consequently, the French Revolution of 1789-1799 pursued the following goals: reaching justice and equality in society, limiting power of the monarchy and aristocracy, extending influence of the lower class, creating a constitution. Not all the goals were achieved but there was a great success on the way to reaching them.

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King Louis XVI was forced to provide the Third Estate with power and influence by the storm of Bastille. Bastille is the largest and the most famous French prison, which had been a symbol of suppression of lower classes for ages. A group of commoners dared storm the prison on 14th of July in 1789. This event provided the Third Estate with more power.

However, freedom and equality were not reached. The Third Estate developed and introduced the Civil Constitution, which appeared quite radical, providing the lower class with rights and freedom and limiting influence of monarchy and aristocracy. This means that the French Revolution succeeded in getting rights and relative freedom for the lower class but it did not reach the whole goal. For example, freedom for slavery in French colonies led to a disaster because slaves did not know what to do when they got this freedom.

Despite of all the achievements, the French Revolution gradually failed. The Third Estate, which was named the National Assembly, tried to protect the ideas of revolution and to save own power by pursuing people, who criticized the revolt, sentencing them to prisons and to death. This led to mistrust and disappointment of the lower class.

To sum up, the French Revolution was not successful at reaching all the goals but it was a great step to creating a democratic society, which influenced history of the whole humanity.

Was the French Revolution Successful? Essay

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Many historians credit the French Revolution as being the beginning of modern politics. The revolution single-handedly crushed the monarchical way of politics, the aristocratic domination up to that point in France, and the dominance of the church in French politics. The revolution abolished the feudal system and was one of the biggest steps towards modernity throughout history. The French Revolution was a successful endeavour on the part of the French people because it reformed social tradition and the hierarchy of French aristocracy by making all men equal, the Enlightenment ideals which the revolution was based on came through to a great extent.
Before the French Revolution, France was a feudal kingdom. Louis XVI ruled the land, and…show more content…

In this way, the French Revolution was extremely successful.

The French Revolution was based on an assortment of Enlightenment ideals. French philosophers, including Voltaire and Rousseau led the revolution leading up to the revolution, so to speak, coming up with progressive ideals as to government, social structure, and the nature of people. Indeed, the ideals which the revolution was fought in the name of progressed throughout France and, eventually, Europe. Though the revolution took wrong turns along the way, the ideals which it was based on never wavered. Even during the heart of his Reign of Terror, Robespierre spoke of a state where each citizen wants to do good by his country. This shows Robespierre with an unwavering commitment to the state, an ideal which came out of the Enlightenment. Though he may have carried out his beliefs in a gruesome and perhaps wrong way, his ideals were the same as the Enlightenment philosophers: make the state better for all to live in.
After Robespierre and the Directory, Napoleon came to power. Though he is criticized for being a militaristic dictator, Napoleon was able to spread Enlightenment ideals, in the form of the Napoleonic Code, throughout Europe. This shows the progression of ideas throughout Europe, and also that France succeeded in using the ideals that the revolution was based on. In this way, the French Revolution was extremely successful.
The French Revolution tossed down the monarchy which

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