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Cora Mae Richey Mann Bibliography Definition

Coramae Richey Mann (1931–2004) was a professor emeritus of criminal justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She argued vehemently that the United States criminal justice system was racist.

Mann criticized the arguments of William Wilbanks (in his book The Myth of a Racist Criminal Justice System (1987)), countering in her 1989 book Unequal Justice that Wilbanks' reliance on quantitative and statisticaldata hides the reality of racism.

Early life[edit]

Coramae Richey-Mann was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 25, 1931. She gained undergraduate (1956) and graduate (1961) degrees in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University. Her doctorate in Sociology (with an emphasis in Criminology) was awarded by the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1976.


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The Division on People of Color and Crime of the American Society of Criminology presents the annual Coramae Richey Mann Award recognizing professional members of the Division who have made outstanding contributions of scholarship on race/ethnicity, crime, and justice.


This article is about the surname Mann. For other uses, see Mann.

Mann is a surname of Germanic origin. The word means "man", "person", "husband".

"ᛗ" is a single character (rune) in the traditional old-English, Anglo Saxon, runic alphabet, which denotes "Mann".

"Mann" is also a surname of Jatt origin.[citation needed] "Mann" is also a less common Cantonese transliteration of the Chinese surname Wen (文).

Persons surnamed Mann[edit]


  • Aimee Mann (born 1960), American rock guitarist, bass player, singer, and songwriter
  • Alakina Mann, (born 1990), English actress
  • Alex Mann (born 1980), German bobsledder
  • Alfred Mann (musicologist) (1917–2006), writer
  • Alfred E. Mann (born 1925), American entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Ammtoje Mann, Punjabi actor and director
  • Anthony Mann (1906–1967), American actor and film director
  • B. B. Mann (1858–1948), Wales national rugby union player
  • Barry Mann (born 1939), American songwriter
  • Bernhard Mann (born 1950), German sociologist and public-health scholar
  • Billy Mann (born 1968), record producer/singer/songwriter
  • Bruce Mann (disambiguation)
  • Carol Mann (born 1941), American championship golfer
  • Charles Mann (disambiguation)
  • Colette Mann (born 1950), Australian actress
  • Coramae Richey Mann (1931–2004), American professor emeritus of criminal justice at the University of Illinois
  • Curtis Mann (1815–1894), American businessman and politician
  • Daniel Mann (1912–1991), American film director: How the West Was Won, Butterfield 8, I'll Cry Tomorrow
  • Delbert Mann (1920–2007), American television and film director
  • David Mann (disambiguation)
  • Dick Mann (born 1934), American motorcycle racer
  • Donald Mann (1853–1934), Canadian railway contractor and entrepreneur
  • Duane Mann, New Zealand rugby league footballer


  • Edna Mann (1926–1985), English painter
  • Edward S. Mann (1908–2005), educator and former president of the Eastern Nazarene College
  • Elisabeth Mann-Borgese (1918–2002), German environmentalist, daughter of Thomas Mann
  • Erika Mann (1905–1969), German actress and writer, daughter of Thomas Mann
  • Erika Mann (politician) (born 1950), German politician and Member of the European Parliament with the political party SPD
  • Frank Mann (disambiguation)
  • Gabriel Mann (born 1972), American actor
  • George Mann (disambiguation)
  • Golo Mann (1909–1994), German popular historian, son of Thomas Mann
  • Gother Victor Fyers Mann (1863–1948), Australian architect, artist and Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales
  • Gustav Mann (1836–1916), German botanist
  • Gurdas Mann, Punjabi singer and actor
  • Harbhajan Mann, Punjabi singer and actor
  • Harold Hart Mann (1872-1961), English agricultural scientist who worked in India
  • Heinrich Mann (1871–1950), German novelist, brother of Thomas Mann
  • Henry Mann (1905–2000), American mathematician and statistician (born in Vienna, Austria)
  • Herbie Mann (1930–2003), American jazz flautist and practitioner of world music
  • Horace Mann (1796–1859), American education reformer and abolitionist
  • Horace Mann Jr. (1844–1868), American botanist, son of Horace Mann


  • Jack Mann, MBE (1906–1989), Western Australian winemaker and underarm bowler.
  • Jackie Mann, (1914–1995) former RAF fighter pilot, kidnapped in Lebanon in 1989
  • James Mann (disambiguation)
  • Jimmy Mann (disambiguation)
  • John Mann (disambiguation)
  • Jonathan Mann (disambiguation)
  • Kal Mann (1917–2001), American lyricist, writer of lyrics for several popular songs
  • Kalman Mann (1912–1997), director general of Hadassah Medical Center
  • Karl-Rüdiger Mann (born 1950), German swimmer
  • Kevin Danell Mann, American rapper better known as Brotha Lynch Hung
  • Klaus Mann (1906–1949), German, son of Thomas Mann
  • Larry Mann (1930–1952), American racecar (NASCAR) driver
  • Larry D. Mann (1922–2014), Canadian radio personality and television/film actor
  • Leslie Mann (born 1972), American actress
  • Louis Mann (1865–1931), American actor
  • Madeline Mann (born 1989), American who once held the record for being the smallest known premature baby to survive
  • Manfred Mann (musician) (born 1940), musician from South Africa, after whom the eponymous band was named
  • Matthias Mann (born 1959), German scientist in the field of mass spectrometry and proteomics
  • Merlin Mann (born 1966), American writer and editor; author of productivity blog 43folders.com
  • Michael Mann (born 1943), American film director, screenwriter, and producer
  • Michael Mann (scholar) (1919–1977), German-born American musician and professor of German literature, youngest son of Thomas Mann
  • Michael Mann (sociologist) (born 1942), British-born professor of sociology at UCLA
  • Michael E. Mann (born 1965), American climate scientist, professor, and member of United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
  • Moshe Mann (1907–2004), Israeli military officer who was the first commander of the Golani Brigade
  • Monika Mann (1910–1992), German novelist, daughter of Thomas Mann
  • Murray Gell-Mann (born 1929), American physicist who received the 1969 Nobel Prize in physics


  • Nicole Aunapu Mann (born 1977), American astronaut
  • Otto Mann, fictional school bus driver from the animated TV comedy show The Simpsons
  • Paul Mann (1913–1985), Canadian film and theater actor
  • Richie Mann (born 1954), Canadian politician
  • Robert Mann (1920–2018), American violinist and composer, founder of the Juilliard String Quartet
  • Robert "Bob" Mann (born 1958), American journalist and historian
  • Ron Mann (born 1959), Canadian documentary film director
  • Ronnie Mann (born 1986), English mixed martial arts fighter
  • Sally Mann (born 1951), American photographer
  • Sharry Mann, Punjabi song writer and singer
  • Simon Mann, former British Army officer and convicted mercenary
  • Simon Mann (cricket commentator)
  • Shwe Mann (born 1947), a Myanmar high-ranked military commander and government official
  • Steve Mann (born 1962), Canadian professor, founder of the field of wearable computing
  • Steve Mann (guitarist) (1943–2009), American songwriter and guitarist
  • Terrence Mann (born 1951), American singer and actor
  • Thaddeus Mann (1908–1993), Polish-English biochemist
  • Thomas Mann (1875–1955), German novelist, essayist, Nobel Prize laureate
  • Thomas Mann (disambiguation)
  • Tom Mann (1856–1941), British trade unionist
  • Tracy Mann, Australian actress
  • Troy Mann (born 1969), Canadian ice hockey coach
  • Tufty Mann (1920–1952), South African cricketer
  • Wesley Mann (born 1959), American actor
  • William Mann (disambiguation)

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