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Issue 25 of 1000 Words Photography Magazine went live on April 24th. This issue’s content includes essays „Eva O’Leary Concealer“ by Urs Stahel, „Richard Mosse Incoming“ by Duncan Wooldridge, „Lisa Barnard The Canary & The Hammer“ by Lisa Stein, „Matthew Finn Mother“ by Elizabeth Edwards, book reviews „Arwed Messmer Zelle/Cell“ by Gerry Badger, „Piotr Zbierski Push the Sky Away“ by Max Houghton, „Daido Moriyama Pantomime“ by Simon Bowcock and Lewis Bush’s interview with Ben Burbridge.

1000 Words is a quarterly online magazine dedicated to the critical engagement with contemporary photography. It commissions and publishes in-depth exhibition and photobook reviews, essays, interviews and multimedia in response to carefully selected imagery, often around a particular theme. It was founded in 2008 by Tim Clark and was nominated as Photography Magazine of the Year at the Lucie Awards in 2014 and 2016.

©Eva O’Leary from the series Concealer, as featured on the cover of issue 25 of 1000 Words Photography Magazine

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words Essay

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

If I were to take a room filled entirely with people and ask them to write about something that holds value to them, what would it be? To some, the word “value” means something that holds only a monetary value, something that can be bought and sold. The values that I am referring to are the values that an individual cannot place a price tag on. They are of special significance that hold a dear meaning to us deep down in our hearts. They are the things that are ever reminding us of the people that we are, and the people that we want to be. When I think of the word “value” I often think of love and family. I think about the importance of the gift of life, and just how very special it truly is.…show more content…

I was lucky to have had such a close family growing up because being an only child, I often got to be a little lonely. That caused me to cling more closely to my cousins. I was particularly close to one. Ryan.

Ryan and I grew up together. Living just right next door to each other, he was pretty much my very first best friend. We were a mere nine months apart, and we did everything together. We went to pre-school together and we were confirmed in the same class at our church. We learned how to ride four-wheelers together and graduated from high school together. Ryan and I even decided on the same college, and began that journey together. We experienced so much, and have plenty of pictures to prove it. They are now my special memories of Ryan and that I now have frozen in time, because along with the experience of our first week of college, came another new experience, my first time having to experience “alone”. Ryan had passed away.

Throughout the first week of learning on how to adapt to this different life style, all I could do was look through pictures; my tiny pieces of moments frozen in time. I saw all the smiles, all of the great times we spent together growing up. I wished so hard that I could just jump right into the picture and be with Ryan again. I knew I couldn’t, so I decided to get a frame, and fill it with all of my favorite pictures of Ryan and me. I created

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