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Give Examples Of Formal Essays


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An Overview

The analytical paper can take many forms depending on the discipline for which you are writing the paper. As well, the bibliographic and footnote/parenthetical reference format you use will be different for English and Spanish papers. Please discuss the format of your paper, including bibliographic references, with your teacher BEFORE you get started. The following will provide you with an overview of a generic analytical essay, and, on the back, some sample portions of a student essay:

The analytical essay is generally three parts. All classical essays choose an existing controversy within a particular field to investigate. The focus of the paper is to defend one side in this controversy. Your statement of opinion, stating which side you will be defending, is called the Thesis Statement. The Thesis is defended by using specific arguments, which will be developed in the different sections of your paper (see below) and supported by specific support from the sources you acquire through your investigation.
As well please keep in mind the following:
"     the paper should always be written in third person;
"     the paper should always be written in present tense;
"     avoid unsubstantiated (and inflammatory or dramatic) opinion;
"     do not refer to the process of writing the paper in the paper;
"     clearly proofread.

The first part of the paper is your introduction. You should begin with a broad statement which refers to your topic and then narrow to the specifics of your particular focus. Next you offer any relevant background information and define any specific terminology that you may use in the paper. This is also the time to introduce and define your arguments without specifically referring to any support from the texts. Finally, you should conclude this paragraph with your Thesis Statement which also includes your main arguments. (i.e. Hence, The Scarlet Letter is a romance novel because it contains a strong sense of beauty in the world, a vivid imagination that can construct fantastic dream worlds, an interest in ancient legends and traditions, and a deep sympathy with obscure or humble people.)

This section is only one paragraph; however, it is vital to the development and understanding of your paper. Please note, however, that you should begin your research with a Thesis Statement but you will be modifying it as your research and understanding of the controversy unfolds.

The second part of your paper is the body of the paper. Here you will be presenting the arguments you have which defend your Thesis Statement and the research which supports those arguments.

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An Overview         Background Information         Sections         Broad         Paragraph         Thesis         Always         Terminology         Analytical        

Remember your writing classes, and don't forget clear topic and concluding sentences (which summarize the argument, refer back to the thesis and provide transitions between ideas), integration of support, a thorough examination of your support's relevance, parenthetical references and a bibliography, using transitions between ideas and staying focused throughout the essay.

This section is the major part of your paper and should be 75% to 80% of your essay. Also, make sure you develop each separate point in its own paragraph.

The final part of your essay is your conclusion. This will begin with a restatement of your thesis followed by a summary of your major arguments and support. The last part of your conclusion may offer a personal reflection on the topic (but still done in third person), but this should not monopolize the paragraph. You may want to end the conclusion with a quote or a question which causes the reader himself/herself to reflect upon this topic.

The conclusion is one paragraph, as well. At this point, you should step back from the specifics of your subject and relate it to the world as a whole, a universal statement, if you will; this makes your topic relevant to the reader. Remember that this is the last thing your reader will read; therefore, a restatement of your Thesis Statement, a summary of your arguments and some thoughtful reflection is vital to leave the reader with a good impression.

Please refer to the Colegio Bolivar Style Booklet (for papers in English) and the ICONOTEX Standards (for papers in Spanish) for information on footnotes, parenthetical references, and a bibliography.

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that you should be keeping track of your resources as you research. Don't try to "go back" to resources later to find this information.

Your introduction should begin with a broad opening statement of not more than two or three sentences. It should introduce the topic in a general way.

"Romanticism was a cultural and literary movement characterized by freedom of form and spirit."

The body of your introduction should introduce and define your argument topics. You should explain the argument topics and definitions EXACTLY the same way that you will use them in the paper; however, you should use NO specific examples from the text in the introductory paragraph. Your definitions should be decided AFTER you have done your research - let the text define your terms for you (DO NOT use a dictionary.).

"Romance can be defined as a strong sense of beauty in the world. A strong sense of beauty means that the author uses similes of nature. It also means that there is pathetic fallacy used in the descriptions. In addition, personification is used to create an effect. Also supernatural occurrences are used to show that there is a strong sense of beauty. Romance may also be described as a vivid imagination that can construct fantastic dream worlds. A vivid imagination signifies the presence of symbolism in the work. In addition, it also means the use of allegory. Finally, it can also be taken to mean that there are nature-related fantasies used in the writing..................................................

Finally, the last sentence in your introduction should be your thesis statement. Make sure it is specific and refers to the overall topic as well as the specific argument topics you plan on using in the paper.

Hence, The Scarlet Letter is a romance novel because it contains a strong sense of beauty in the world, a vivid imagination that can construct fantastic dream worlds, an interest in ancient legends and traditions, and a deep sympathy with obscure or humble people.

NOTE: You must continue to use the same wording throughout the course of the paper for your argument topics and your definitions.

Please note the characteristics of the body (clear topic and concluding sentences {which summarize the argument, refer back to the thesis and provide transitions between idea}, integration of support, a thorough examination of your support's relevance, parenthetical references and a bibliography, using transitions between ideas and staying focused throughout the essay) in this sample.

A strong sense of beauty in the world can be seen very clearly in The Scarlet Letter. As noted earlier, a strong sense of beauty means that the author uses similes of nature. In the book, certain characters are compared to objects in nature. Pearl, the little young girl, is compared to various things in nature. Sometimes the author refers to her as an elf child, by giving titles to chapters, such as "The Elf-Child and The Minister." (chapter 6) Likewise, Hester says to Dimmesdale that, "Our Pearl is a fitful and fantastic little elf sometimes." (176) Pearl is also called a "wild flower" (81) and the Governor calls her, "Pearl? … or Red Rose, at the very least, judging from thy hue." (96) Based on this red hue she possesses other names such as Ruby and Coral (95) are also associated with her, which are all similes of nature. As if that weren't enough, Pearl is also considered by people in the story, as well as by the author, to resemble a light, little bird. The old Mr. Wilson upon seeing the girl exclaims, "What little bird of scarlet plumage may this be?" (96) And Hawthorne himself describes Pearl as "uneasy, fluttering up and down like a bird on the point of tasking flight." (202) Another character associated with objects in nature is Roger Chillingworth. Chillingworth is referred to a leech (101) by the people in town as well as Hawthorne. He also openly refers to himself as "a fiend" (148), in other words, an evil spirit in nature. So Chillingworth is also associated with things in nature. Thus, similes of nature are used by the author to describe characters and to create images, which, taken together, create a strong sense of beauty in the novel, one aspect of romance.

Your conclusion should begin with a restatement of your thesis. This means to give your thesis again, attempting to use different wording (NOT WORDS), as well as listing your argument topics again.

Therefore, Because it contains the romantic characteristics of a strong sense of beauty in the world, a vivid imagination that can construct fantastic dream worlds, an interest in ancient legends and traditions, and a deep sympathy with obscure or humble people, The Scarlet Letter is a romance.

The body of the paragraph should summarize your arguments using the same definitions that you used in the introductory paragraph and throughout the paper. You should consider giving one sentence of summary to each paragraph in the paper. Unlike the introduction, however, you should refer to the book directly here but WITHOUT giving exact quotes.

A strong sense of beauty in the world meant that the author uses similes of nature, for example, when Pearl is described as a scarlet bird and Chillingworth is called a leech and a fiend. It also meant that the author used pathetic fallacy, for instance, when Pearl was illuminated by the beam of light and when Hester removed the scarlet letter and the sun shone on her for the first time...........................................................

Finally, your paper should end with some sort of reflection, something of your own, a quote or comment, which will allow the reader to think further about the topic.

According to John Keats, "Truth is beauty and Beauty truth," meaning that within romance there is a sense of beauty and therefore truth. This is clearly expressed in the moral of the novel, "Be true, be true, be true...," and is, in fact, the basis of many religions throughout the world. In fact, Hinduism states that "S

Ever been invited to a formal event, such as a party or dance, where the invitation specifically states “formal attire required”?

We all know what formal means in a party invite. It means you can’t show up in your favorite hoodie or yoga pants.

Writing a formal essay is like going to a formal event. You can’t show up with your everyday words. You need to show up ready to impress with your fancy, formal words.

Not sure you have any formal words for the occasion? Let me provide you with some assistance on how to write a formal essay.

How to Write a Formal Essay That Impresses

Throughout your academic career, you’ll be asked to write lots of different types of assignments with lots of different assignment requirements. But you can be certain that most of the time you’ll be writing formal essays, such as argument, compare and contrast, or pros and cons essays.

So change out of your T-shirt and shorts and into your tux or evening gown. Let’s get down to the business of formality and learn how to write a formal essay.

Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when writing a formal essay.

Tip #1: Know when to use contractions

Contractions are essentially two words joined together with an apostrophe replacing one or more letters.

Here are a few examples:

Need more examples? Check out this list of contractions.

Most of us use contractions in our everyday speech and in informal writing, such as texts, emails, or even some essays. Thus, if you’re writing something informal for a class, you’re probably safe using contractions.

Contractions, however, are too informal for formal essays. Sure they mean the same thing, but they don’t create the tone you’re looking for.

It’s like showing up to that formal dance in jeans. It’s not the same effect.

Tip #2: Write in third person

Point of view in writing consists of first, second, or third person. The tone and formality of your writing will vary greatly depending on which point of view you use.

Here’s a quick run-down of each.

First person: I, we, our

Second person: you, your

  • Second person should generally be avoided in all academic essays, though is sometimes acceptable in process essays.

Third person: he, she, it, they

  • Third person should be used in all formal essays.

Writing in the third person creates the sense of formality you need to build credibility.

Here’s an example to illustrate:

First person: I think classic movies are better than contemporary movies.

This sentence sounds as if you aren’t quite sure about your stance. It merely presents an opinion.

Third person: Classic movies contain better storylines and acting than contemporary movies.

This statement creates a definitive formal tone that tells readers you know what you’re talking about.

To learn more, read Why Third-Person Writing Is Critical to a Great Essay.

Tip #3: Use formal word choices

It makes sense that you should use formal words in a formal essay, right? So what exactly are formal words?

Formal words are the words you pull out and dust off (like those dress shoes you never wear) to look and sound more professional. Sure, they may seem a little uncomfortable at first, but you get used to them.

Formal word choices are specific and concrete. They offer readers a better description and understanding of your paper.

Take a look at these two examples. Which sentence sounds more formal?

Example #1:Over the last couple years, there’s been a pretty big change in the chemicals put into the river.

This sentence sounds like you’re telling your friend about the river. Words and phrases like “couple years,” “pretty big,” and “put into” don’t exactly scream professional and formal. They aren’t worthy of an academic essay.

Example #2:Since 2015, there has been a 22% increase in the amount of chemical pollutants dumped into the Cook River.

This sentence replaces those basic, nondescript words with more formal word choices to create a professional tone appropriate for an academic essay.

NOTE: Example #2 uses a statistic. Remember, if you’re using information from a source, you’ll need to cite it according to the citation style used in your class. (APA and MLA are two common citation styles.)

Want to learn more about word choice? Read The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word Choice for Your Essay.

Tip #4: Don’t overuse the thesaurus

The first three tips have stressed the importance of being formal, so you’d think that using a thesaurus would be a good thing, right? Yes and no.

Using a thesaurus to find just the right word is a smart strategy, but using a thesaurus just to use words you’ve never heard of is generally not a good idea.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you’re writing an observation essay, and you write that all the kids in the classroom were quiet. You feel that “quiet” is not formal enough, so you search for another word and choose “quiescent.”

Okay, how many times have you heard the word “quiescent”? Exactly.

So if you’ve never heard of the word, why add it to your paper just because you think it sounds formal? These types of words will sound out of place in your writing.

Looking for more information about formal word choice? Read How to Become a Better Writer: Don’t Use Words That Sound Smart.

Sometimes a Little Less Formality Is Okay

If you’ve been invited to your cousin’s wedding, maybe it’s okay to wear your favorite red tennis shoes with your suit. Showing up wearing the same suit and tennis shoes to your internship interview at the accounting firm, though, might not be the best idea.

My point is that sometimes it’s okay to be a little less formal, but you’ll need to decide when that’s most appropriate. For instance, if you have to write a timed in-class formal essay, your prof might cut you a little slack on formality.

But now that you know how to write a formal essay, let’s say you’re writing a formal research paper that’s 25% of your final grade, and you’ve had six weeks to complete it. More than likely, formality will be expected.

If you’re still not sure what level of formality you should use, take a look at these example research essays to see what others have written.

Looking for more advice on how to write a formal essay that impresses? Our expert editors at Kibin can help!

Psst... 98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays.

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