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The Hunt Book Trailer Assignment

Sociology of the Family Book Project

Addiction Book Project


Steps for Creating a Book Trailer with Green Screen:

1.)  Reserve one of the green screen spaces in the Media Center

2.)  Storyboard your book trailer--what images do you want to include? Background music?  What will you say in your trailer?  Be sure not to give away the ending!

3.)   Use your own device or the Media Center iPad to record your trailer in the green screen room.

4.)  Use the Do Ink Green Screen App (Free on the MC iPad, 2.99 for your own device) to edit and create your trailer.  

5.)  The Media Center Staff is here to help you get started!  


Do Ink Tutorial:

Do Ink Green Screen Basic Tutorial 


How to Attach a QR Code to Your Project for Display:

1.)  Copy the sharable the link for your presentation or Google doc.  If you are using Google Doc, make sure your permissions are set so that anyone can see your document.  

2.)  Paste the link to the video or document in the Google URL Shortener.  Click on Details and then copy and paste the QR code into your assignment or a new document. 


Screencast for How to Attach QR Code to Your Project 


Book Trailer Example:


All the Truth that's in Me


The Giver 









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