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Essay On Barbie Doll For Kids

Subject:  My Favourite toy- Barbie
Contributor- Aditi Pratap, Grade 1, Indian Community School
Usage: Short paragraph
Mode: Easy
Target Age Group- 5,6,7 years, Students of Class/Grade- UKG, 1

My favorite toy is Barbie doll. My parents presented her to me on my third bday. She is very beautiful with long golden hair , blue eyes and cute smile. I named her “Bella”. I enjoy dressing up her. She also has long hair like me.My father bought makeup set , doll house ,dresses and different accessories to play with her. After studies I spent most of the time with her. She sleeps with me. Now I have many Barbie dolls but she is my favorite.


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I had many childhood toys growing up, I would go through different phases of playing with different types of toys. My favorite toy was all my Barbie dolls. I loved dressing up my Barbie’s and doing their hair. I was the little girl that whenever a new doll came out I had to get it along with the houses, cars, pools, etc. I would have my own Barbie city set up in my room, it got to the point where you could not even walk in my room. I would bring a Barbie with me everywhere. Every night I would put them in their pajamas then dress them up again in the morning. I was so happy just sitting and playing with my Barbies all day. My cousin sometimes would bring over all her Barbie things and stay the weekend and that’s all we would do is play with the Barbie’s. My father and I still have a small collection of the real expensive, collectors edition Barbie’s that I could never play with when I was younger. It is like an odd bond we have but I will forever cherish it.

One more toy that was my favorite and I received when I was born and still have to this day, is my little soft pink baby. I named her Fufa because when I started to talk I didn’t know many words so that’s what would come out when I would play with her. I remember when my Fufa fell out the car window on the highway, my mother had to stop and rescue her. Also the time when she fell in the Taunton river off my grandfathers boat, my dad had to rescue her. Over the years she has been sewn and stitched but I will never give her away. My mom tried to replace her with new ones since she got so old but I never wanted the new ones. I will always hold onto my Fufa and hopefully show my daughter someday.

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