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Rmps Assignment


30 of the 90 marks for Higher RMPS is made up of the Assignment. The end product of the Assignment process is an essay written under exam conditions in 1 ½ hours. During this sitting the student is permitted to have one A4 page of prepared notes not exceeding 250 words.

In the essay the student is required to fulfil the following requirements.

Knowledge and understanding:

  • identifying an appropriate religious, moral or philosophical issue for study, about which there is a range of viewpoints
  • drawing on in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issue


  • analysing the issue
  • researching the issue, using a range of sources of information
  • synthesising information in a structured manner


  • evaluating different viewpoints on the issue, which must be religious, moral or philosophical
  • judging or measuring the significance or impact of the issue
  • presenting a reasoned and well-structured conclusion on the issue
  • explaining both supporting information and potential challenges/counter-arguments

The students are permitted to have a choice of topic that they wish to study as long as it is an issue and that it relates to religion, morality or philosophy. There are checks on initial choices of topics to ensure that they are suitable. For example, it must not be too narrow or too broad an area of study. There must also be an accessible range of resources that the student can draw on.

Many students choose to study for their Assignment a topic related to the course content. This has many advantages. It means that class notes and teaching will help with the essay. It also means that if a related topic comes up in the final exam then the student will be especially well prepared.

Most students choose moral issues to focus on. Recent examples have been on topics such as prostitution, media images of women, sexual exploitation, LGBTQIA Rights and sexual ethics.

Others have chosen religious and philosophical titles such as the existence of the soul and evolution’s challenge to Christianity.

Some students do pick topics beyond the Higher curriculum at Calderglen. Some of these have been from areas that have interested them from other areas in RMPS such as euthanasia, weapons of mass destruction and the existence of miracles.

Students select their topic in August and are then required to undertake the research and development phase of their Assignment. This is monitored by the staff. Most of this work is done out with class as homework or during study periods. The role of staff is to monitor progress, give suggestions, aid in finding sources and in helping with any problems. The SQA sets limits as to how much support can be given by teachers and this is strictly adhered to at the school.

A wide variety of sources can be used for this section of the Assignment. This includes the internet, books, films and interviews with members of religious groups.

By March all pupil should have successfully have completed all stages of research and development of their Assignment. If staff have concerns that the student has not completed the work required then they may be prevented from sitting the Assignment and therefore withdrawn from the course.

The sitting of the Assignment is usually during the double period closest to the middle week of March.

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