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Cover Letter Journal Submission Bmj Learning

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Journal of Clinical Pathology (JCP) is committed to the advancement of all disciplines within the broader remit of human pathology. This also encompasses molecular biology and its applications in the understanding of human biology and pathology. The journal is intended to have world-wide readership and will publish articles that have a wide appeal even though they are regionally based.

Issues with a narrower restricted focus may be submitted as Letters to the Editor or as correspondence. JCP wishes to publish cutting edge, original clinical and laboratory-based articles, especially those with a clear clinical relevance. Provision of an educational platform for trainees, scientists and pathologists is an important function and aim of the journal. As such, state of the art reviews, viewpoints and editorials will be published.

The editorial team wishes to produce a balanced, informative and meaningful journal that is sensitive to the needs of its readership and the specialty at large, as well as being in tune with contemporary issues.

In pursuit of these goals we wish to publish work that is ethical (morally and scientifically), of a high quality and governed by a fair, independent peer review system.

You are only able to upload one "Manuscript file," which should contain your main document but not any images or supplementary files.If you are submitting an article with no figures and no supplementary files then all you have to do is insert the word count and click "Upload files." You may then click "Save and continue" at the bottom of the screen as normal.

We would like you to upload any figures and images separately from the word file, preferably as PDF or JPEG files. Images may also be submitted as TIFF, GIF, EPS, MPEG, AVI, MOV, and WAV files. All images should be submitted on ScholarOne as separate files and not embedded into the text. Ensure that you use the colour/mono image designations when uploading these. If you need to upload tables please submit them as separate Word files. Please do not use Excel.

You can also upload supplementary files – for example, copies of questionnaires used in original research; study protocols, and checklists for the CONSORT, QUOROM, and STARD statements; video clips. There are appropriate designations for these files "Research checklists" and "Video files".

File formats

Papers can be submitted using any standard word processing software, although we prefer Word. Please ensure that you include the heading "References" at the top of the citations (see below).

Acceptable standard graphic formats include JPEG, TIFF, GIF, EPS, MPEG, AVI, MOV, and WAV.

Please note: we cannot accept PowerPoint or Excel files for tables or figures intended to accompany the main manuscript; however, they may be made available as supplementary files.

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