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Homework 123

Homework Importance

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     I had the opportunity to look over the teacher’s grade book today, and noticed something disturbing to me: the homework section in the grade book were mostly blank spaces with marks down only a few names. For over the passed months, most of the students have not turned in their homework. There are a few that turn in their homework consistently and the rest have done nothing. I talked to my master teacher about this issue and she said that there was nothing she could do to encourage them to do their homework. She had confronted many students on their homework issue and received stories of family and personal problems that have prevent them from ever touching their homework. Such stories include not having anyone to help or the lack of time due to other family responsibilities.
     If my reasoning is correct, the role of homework is to reinforce what students learn in school. Is it safe then to conclude that the the reason these students do not retain the information learned is that they do not have enough practice? If they were to do their homework would they then be able to perform better on tests and understand the material better? How important is homework? If these students do not do their homework, is the role of a teacher then to make sure that her students understand and get enough practice in the short amount of time she has in school?
     I had thought that homework plays a significant role in enrichment and reinforcement of what was taught at school. Not only that, I thought homework also teaches personal responsibilities in preparation for the work world. Now, howerver, I question whether students benefit from homework assignments. Are these unrealistic expectations for students in resource? I do not think so. I understand that these students have other issues to deal with at home and the last thing they need to do is complete some math or English assignment.

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However, I think the true obstacle in preventing these students from doing their homework is the lack of motivation. What can I do to motivate these students? Would a reward of candy be adequate? Would the idea of doing better in their future be something they can see?

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