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Critical Thinking Company Editor In Chief Reviews On Washers

This fun, highly-effective 160-page book teaches students in Grades 6-8 grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and critical reading in a standards-based thinking approach instead of the usual drill and practice found in competing products.  Students begin with an easy-to-understand lesson followed by an activity that require students to carefully analyze and edit stories, letters, or articles that contain mechanical errors.  This effective method allows students to gain mastery over concepts that will translate into their own writing.

Editor in Chief® Level 2 includes lessons and practice with the following concepts:

     •  Capitalization
     •  Content
     •  Apostrophes
     •  Colons
     •  Commas
     •  Ellipsis
     •  Exclamation Marks
     •  Hyphens
     •  Question Marks
     •  Quotation Marks
     •  Periods
     •  Semicolons
     •  Adjectives
     •  Adverbs
     •  Agreement
     •  Articles
     •  Clauses
     •  Homographs
     •  Interjections
     •  Negative Words
     •  Phrases
     •  Prepositions
     •  Pronouns
     •  Run-On Sentences
     •  Sentence Fragments
     •  Verbs
     •  Confused Word Pairs
     •  Spelling

Posted 28 June 2010 - 04:25 PM

I've used a number of the CTC products over the years -- Dr. Dooriddles, Mindbenders and the BTS workbooks when my kids were real young and, more recently, BTS and Reading Detective software. I like the BTS software, but I wasn't thrilled with the Reading Detective software. It was okay, though, and my daughter really enjoys working on the computer, so I chose that format for her again this year.

I do think that a lot of the CTC products are aimed at improving standardized test scores and while we use them, they are pretty much last on my list of things to do and we don't spend more than a couple of times a week working on them usually. My kids are each working on the BTS software for 15 minutes a day this summer just because I want them to fiinish it up. They enjoy it, but I'm not sure how much it is really benefitting them or not.

I do like Dr. DooRiddles. My son has a language disorder and it really got him thinking. I may pick up another level of that for him. I also purchased the Mindbenders software for the upcoming year. As I said, I used the workbook in the past and I thought that was good. I kind of wish I had gotten the workbooks again for that rather than the software.

But NO WAY would I use that list you were given. Pick one or two things to supplement what you are doing and keep it at that.


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